Friday, October 11, 2013

Toddlers....and hubby's lol

This morning Chris got up with the babies to let me sleep in. When I woke up at about ten thirty I came downstairs and found Chris asleep on the couch. Aubrey was standing next to the couch holding a red twin Popsicle open and melted. Her face and hands were stained red from it. There was red all over the couch and on the floor. Not good because our couches are a white/ tan microfiber. Chris had red sticky all over his arm. I slapped his arm and asked "so how are the kids?"He woke up and said "they are good"..... I said " oh really?" Just then he became aware of the situation and jumped up. I went to find Parker because I could hear a crinkling wrapper sound. I discovered him hiding between the couch and the treadmill holding a blue melted Popsicle trying to get it open. I really actually felt bad that Aubrey was able to get hers open and eat most of it and this poor guy was trying do hard and just couldn't get it open. I took the Popsicle and asked him to come with me. We went in the kitchen and I got him a new Popsicle that was not  melted I then had him sit on the floor in the kitchen to eat it. Aubrey came in and I had her sit down too and gave her a new Popsicle. At this point Chris had started to clean up the floor in the front room the best he could. I would have thought that I would get mad but really I think it is hilarious. With this situation what good would getting upset do? The couch and floor is stained red there is really nothing to fix that and the babies were do proud of their abilities. It melts my heart and I will always remember finding them in this mess with these Popsicles and Aubrey so happy that she was successful in her adventure. Sitting in the kitchen on the floor with them so Parker could have his Popsicle is just the sweetest memory. I sure love my adventurous little two year olds and my silly tired hubby. 

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