Friday, October 11, 2013

Toddlers....and hubby's lol

This morning Chris got up with the babies to let me sleep in. When I woke up at about ten thirty I came downstairs and found Chris asleep on the couch. Aubrey was standing next to the couch holding a red twin Popsicle open and melted. Her face and hands were stained red from it. There was red all over the couch and on the floor. Not good because our couches are a white/ tan microfiber. Chris had red sticky all over his arm. I slapped his arm and asked "so how are the kids?"He woke up and said "they are good"..... I said " oh really?" Just then he became aware of the situation and jumped up. I went to find Parker because I could hear a crinkling wrapper sound. I discovered him hiding between the couch and the treadmill holding a blue melted Popsicle trying to get it open. I really actually felt bad that Aubrey was able to get hers open and eat most of it and this poor guy was trying do hard and just couldn't get it open. I took the Popsicle and asked him to come with me. We went in the kitchen and I got him a new Popsicle that was not  melted I then had him sit on the floor in the kitchen to eat it. Aubrey came in and I had her sit down too and gave her a new Popsicle. At this point Chris had started to clean up the floor in the front room the best he could. I would have thought that I would get mad but really I think it is hilarious. With this situation what good would getting upset do? The couch and floor is stained red there is really nothing to fix that and the babies were do proud of their abilities. It melts my heart and I will always remember finding them in this mess with these Popsicles and Aubrey so happy that she was successful in her adventure. Sitting in the kitchen on the floor with them so Parker could have his Popsicle is just the sweetest memory. I sure love my adventurous little two year olds and my silly tired hubby. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013


We went to the zoo on Friday and had so much fun. It's so nice that the twins are big enough to walk around on their own and that they actually like seeing all the animals now. Their favorite animal this trip was the elephants. It's so cute to here them say "elfant". The zoo also has this really cool little slash pad and a big slide. 

 No I take that back. The polar bear was totally their favorite. He would come right up to the window. 

And we left the zoo in diapers and shoes. We would have just carried them out but mommy didn't have the strength. Such a great day. I love my little family they are such a blessing. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My babies are getting older!!

My sweet little babies are getting so big. They will be turning two on Sunday and I'm in complete denial. Time goes by so fast. We decided not to really do anything this year for their birthday, both to save money and stress. Their uncle Brandon and aunt Tina got them so awesome fun gifts. We are going to wait to give them on Sunday. Chris and I decided to splurge just a little and got our monkeys a little step 2 climber. They love it! The squeals of excitement were adorable and unforgettable. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013


On Friday 7-12-13 after the doctors appointment we met up with Chris mom and brother Ryon and had a late lunch at the red iguana. It was really good food, I had never been there before. After Chris and I took Aubrey and Parker over to the planetarium. They loved it! We split up and each just followed a baby around so that they could explore wherever they wanted. There were a lot of excited squeals and pointing. So much fun to watch them play. 

Precious baby

On Friday July 12, 2013 we went in for our 20 week ultrasound. I was actually 19 weeks 3 days.... Baby looked great and was working with us so well. The tech recorded a DVD for us but we forgot it there. On Monday we will call and hopefully it will still be there. We found out what baby is but decided to keep it secret until the little is born. Now we have the fun part of naming baby.... That might    
take a while. Lol in the past week baby has gotten so strong. I can feel the little tucks, kicks and rolls which I absolutely love! 
 The twins are getting big also. They will turn 2 on the 4 th of August and that is just crazy. I don't think we will do a party this year maybe just get the kiddos a few toys. All the toys they have now are a little young for them so they don't like them much anymore. 

Chris will be done with summer semester around August 5. He will be so happy to have a small break. He is almost done with his associates degree. Hopefully he can finish up by next summer. 

As for me I'm feeling great. No more night sickness which is fabulous. I now am constantly starving and feel like a piggy. I never stop moving with Aubrey and Parker running around like little toddlers. It's so fun to have them hang out with me all day. They are talking so much before I know it they will be really talking. Where does the time go?  

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Its been a while

Man has it been a while since I posted anything. There is way to much to catch up on so I'm just going to start from now.

    July has been fun so far. We were unable to go to my family reunion this year due to finances but we had a blast up in Layton with Bry and Tasha for the fourth. well third.... they live in a culdesacso everyone gathers together and they all watch fireworks together. We didn't actually do a whole lot on the fourth. Chris and I really wanted a yummy shake so we found a iceberg place in Riverton and got some. I realized we were super close to Ryan and Heidi's house so we went over and hung out for a bit. With a toddler..... I mean 2 toddlers its just not sane to go to a park for the fireworks. We would just end up chasing them all over the park. Twenty three month old toddlers do NOT sit still for even five minutes. Its crazy.
    Anyway. not much else happened that week. Chris has been going to school on Monday and Tuesdays. Then homework the rest of the week. As for baby news, I'm now 18 weeks and 5 days. Today my little tummy buddy was rolling and kicking like crazy. Little peanut is getting stronger and stronger every day. Its so fun to be able to experience the twin pregnancy and now have the one little baby. Being a mommy is very challenging some days but it is the best thing ever!

Latest picture of my little tummy buddy :) we will get another on the 12 th. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pregnancy Memories

I remember:

~ Aubrey being breach and always pushing her head out and giving me stretch marks!

~ Aubrey got hiccups everyday, sometimes twice a day they were so cute.

~ When parker got hiccups he was right on my cervix and it felt so silly!

~ Aubrey and Parker would play with me while I was in class. It was so distracting but so much fun to poke them and have them wiggle around.

Chris and I

Man all my posts are about the little ones. This post will be about Chris and I.

Chris took the fall semester off from school so he could be with me and the babies. He will start full time again mid January.

We are building a house! We are currently waiting on the city to give us the building permit and then we can start construction on our house. We are having Richmond homes build for us out in Daybreak(South Jordan). We got to pick out every detail from the color of the house to the tile in the kitchen. It was so fun picking everything out with Chris. I got a job at a salon right in Daybreak as the receptionist/assistant. It will be about one minute from our house once we are in. I hope to be able to do hair out of the salon in the next few months.

I had an ankle stabilization surgery on the 21st of December and have been on crutches for a week now and will need them for another week or tw0. Chris has had to do everything for me. I cant carry a baby or my plate of food. He is so amazing. He never complains about anything and does everything for me. I am so lucky to have him. I would be lost with out him.

Four months old

Man do these little ones get big way too fast! We went to kiddie kandids and got their 4 month pictures done. We were able to find some cute little Christmas outfits to put them in at carters.

~Babies are smiling so much, they giggle and are starting to roll over randomly, Aubrey has a strong sense of stranger danger and Parker will smile and talk with anyone that will give him the time. We went to see grandma Judy at IHop and Aubrey just cried and cried when she saw her it was so sad. Then we went over to Brad and Tammy's house for Dallins homecoming on Christmas day. I told my mom that Aubrey has stranger danger, but later my mom took her from the car into the house while Chris and I got the other stuff and Parker out of the car. When we finally made it in the house Aubrey was SCREAMING and crying. My mom had taken her out of the car seat and Aubrey didn't know anyone and was freaking out. I love that she loves her mommy and daddy :)

~At their four month check up Parker weighed 13.9 lbs and Aubrey weighed 12.7 lbs. Both are doing great and are right on track. They did a x-ray of Aubrey's hips to make sure she didn't have hip displasia from being a breach baby. That came back good and healthy.

~ We started giving them some baby cereal at about 4 1/2 months.

~ grandma (Leanne) got us a baby food cook book,steamer and blender for Christmas from William Sonoma so that we can make home made baby food.

~We started having the babies sleep in their cribs and they do great at it! It is so adorable when they wake up from a nap or in the morning and just lay there in their cribs talking and cooing. It makes my heart smile. Oh and you cant forget the huge grin you get from them when you go to get them from the crib. Its like you just rescued them and they are sooo happy!